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5 tools that changes your Mac life!

Quick Silver Quicksilver is a handy app and folder launcher has quickly become one of the essential applications on Mac. For those of you not familiar with Quicksilver, it’s an application that lets you reach any program,… Continue reading

When Microsoft doesn’t know how to build a website

I thought I give SkyDrive a shot, look what happened here! Microsoft doesn’t know how to make a website cross browser compatible! Since I have a Mac, I assume SkyDrive works on IE… Continue reading

P R O X Y باهوش

از دست این مخابرات ما یک تیتر درست حسابی هم نمی تونیم بزنیم. و از ترس چیز شدن ( چیز یعنی همون سانسور یا همون فیل تر است ) این مطلب تو وبلاگ… Continue reading